Having Trouble Finding a Home in Your Price Range?


Are you having trouble finding a home in your price range?

Are you a Realtor having trouble finding a home for your customer?

Today more than any time in Florida history, homebuyers are having trouble finding a perfect home in their price range

There are many factors that make this impossible in today’s home market:

  1. Inventory- It is a seller’s market for homes that have already been renovated. Investors are buying bank-owned properties, fixing them up and listing them at peak pricing for the market
  2. They housing market has turned in Florida and rebounded. Most homes that are in “great shape” sell immediately when they hit the market or have multiple offers within a few days
  3. Housing prices have gone up.  In Tampa and Miami, the average sales price has jumped 10-13% over the last 12 months and some neighborhoods are up over 20% for the last 36 months
  4. Fannie Mae and other bank-owned properties have strategically held on to properties to keep home values up and their strategy has worked
  5. REALITY- If you are looking for a home in the $80,000 to $200,000 in most markets… you are not going to find a home that you like!

We suggest a solution that works in EVERY MARKET and in EVERY MARKET ENVIRONMENT!

Instead of finding a house “in perfect shape” for $250,000…find the house listed at $210,000 that needs a roof and some updating!

Don’t look for properties in your "price range", look for properties that are lower that need work!!!!

Please CLICK HERE for an article published in the SunSentenel featuring our head broker, Andy Wood speaking about a shortage of homes and fixer-uppers!!

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