Micaela Nesselroad

“My customer went with a lender who said he had FHA 203k Experience… He had the loan for 3 months and it GOT DENIED!  I asked Andy Wood/Titan Home Lending to step in, HE HAD IT APPROVED IN 7 DAYS and CLOSED IN LESS THAN 35 DAYS! "

Don't waste your time pursuing a 203(k) loan with a lender says that they "can write a 203(k) loan" or that they have "203(k) experience." My clients went with a lender who made both claims and after three months of trying to satisfy every condition of the loan my clients were DENIED! What heartbreak and frustration for buyers and agents alike who dedicate so much preliminary time and effort to meet the requirements of a renovation loan!!! After I asked Andy to take a look at my client's qualifications he had them approved within 7 days and the loan was closed in 35 days! ALL of the mountain-sized obstacles the previous lender seemed to have in closing the loan were mere speed bumps for Andy. Now that the loan is closed, my clients have been given the keys and are ecstatic about starting renovations on their new home, my only heartbreak is that my client's would have been relieved of ALL frustration and would have closed 3 months ago if we would have asked Andy to step in from the beginning! Andy Wood at Titan Home Lending will be getting ALL of my future 203(k) client referrals!!

Note to Realtors: we all know how difficult and tremendously frustrating the loan process has become for even our most perfectly qualified buyer clients. Do yourself a favor and refer your buyers to the lender who has a proven track record of closing 203(k) loans - he will make YOU LOOK GOOD! Your client will love you for providing them with a lender that can not only close the loan but show your buyers how to GET THINGS DONE without having to "ask their bank rep"! Be the source of a great loan resource for all of your valuable clients and put your clients in contact with Andy Wood.
Best wishes,
Micaela Nesselroad
Blake Real Estate
500 Main Street Ste. J
Safety Harbor, FL 34695

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