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Titan Home Lending Special Realtor Website Program

Titan Home Lending recognizes how important the Internet has become.  Recently, we totally revamped our web presence and it has helped us immeasurably.  But in this economy not everyone can afford a top notch web presence.  We were lucky enough to partner with KNL, a local new media company here in Tampa Bay that has entered into a working relationship with us.  We have spoken with them about the industry and the struggles we all face and have worked out a program for interested Certified 203K Realtors.

If you are a Certified 203K Realtor and would like to be listed, please contact us from the Home page and we will add you to our listing.  This is part of an SEO or Search Engine Optimization strategy to help Titan as well as your business to grow. But for this to work effectively we need to have reciprocal links and other strategies deployed and to do that we need your help.

Part of an effective SEO strategy is to expand your footprint on the Internet. This is done by putting links to your site in as many places as you can. Along with that it is customary that you do what is called “reciprocal links”. We understand that there may be some hurdles for you in doing that and that is what our program is about.

We understand that in this economy people can't afford to be plunking down $1,299.00 for a new website. That is what a quality website for the realty industry goes for, so we have partnered with KNL and can offer you special pricing along with a payment structure so that you can get your website updated to the latest technology.

This technology is called a “Responsive” design. That means that the site actually reconfigures based on the device the user is visiting with. Seeing that you are on our website right now just grab the far right side of your browser and squish the site skinny and you will see things changing and jumping around. That is to fit the site in a tablet or smartphone. If you do any marketing with a knowledgable firm one of the first things they will ask you is if you have a responsive or cross-platform design. With this site you will have that.

The sites KNL designs are also fairly simple for you to do some basic updates in areas like a blog and your listings. This is important because in order for you to do your own SEO you need to be able to update your site on a regular basis. This is called “dynamic content” and is very important. If you don't update your site regularly the way a search engine looks at it is that you don't care about it so why should they.

The program we've set up for you is a 30% discount on the regular $1,299 cost of a site. For you it is only $866.00. And in our program we are offering this to you in 3 low monthly payments of $288.67 each.  Less then ten bucks a day for a brand new website that you can update yourself and increase your own Internet visability.

KNL Realty SiteTo make this that affordable you would go with a predetermined theme that looks like this CLICK HERE They can do some customization on colors and logos but to keep it affordable that is the basic site you would have.  Custom designs are available of course and they would be eligible for our 30% discount but you to speak with KNL to find out how much what you wanted would cost.  

If you look into it there are several great features that you will learn how to update that include your own listings in just a few minutes.  And they will set up a blog for you so you can keep updating your content.

We encourage you to take advantage of this offer. Along with the new site they will also offer you assistance in your own SEO campaigns. This will drive traffic to your site and hopefully increase your sales and our business. This will also help Titan because we hope that you work with us as your first choice for your new clients mortgages. To take advantage of this offer please contact us from the Home page of our website.

Also, if you know anyone in any other industries that needs a website or video production they can assist them with that as well.

Thank you.

Andy and Holly Wood

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“My customer went with a lender who said he had FHA 203k Experience… He had the loan for 3 months and it GOT DENIED!  I asked Andy Wood/Titan Home Lending to step in, HE HAD IT APPROVED IN 7 DAYS and CLOSED IN LESS THAN 35 DAYS! “

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